Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rolling Stones 2012-2013 concert Information

 Rolling Stones 2012-2013 concert information: 

Is there going to be a 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Tour?
Yes! Yes! Yes!!!!!

 Here is what we know so far for the Rolling Stones 2012-2013 concert information just announced on October 15, 2012. To begin with, here will be four concerts, two in London and two in the US. The London concerts will be at the Q2 Arena and the two in the United States will be at the Prudential Center in Newark NJ.

The Stones are releasing a new album Grrr! in November and we know of two singles Doom and Gloom and One More Shot that have are out there and are featured on the album. The concert will feature these new songs and a mixture of their old hits and blues work. Mick Jagger seldom puts together two identical set lists for any give concert, so you can expect some variation between the two nights.

Below is the Rolling Stones 2012-2013 concert information for the USA so far (as of October 2012). By clicking on view tickets you will see what is still available and by clicking on the Rolling Stones link and bookmarking it, you can come back later to keep track of when the  2013 dates are added.
The Rolling Stones Prudential Center
Newark, NJ
view tickets
The Rolling Stones Prudential Center
Newark, NJ
view tickets
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Directions to The Prudential Center

The Prudential Center is very easy to get to by car and public transit.  Highways 280, 78, the NJ Turnpike, 1 & 9, 21, 22, the Garden State Parkway, 80 and NJ 3 are all just a few blocks away. There are  over 3,500 privately owned parking spaces within 2 blocks.

Trains from Penn Station midtown and in NJ take you within a few blocks PATH and NJ Transit has regular service to the area.

What About Rolling Stones 2013?

The Stones have hinted there is more to come, but I would not expect any announcements until after these four shows are complete. This will most likely be a farewell tour, or at least that is what everyone is thinking. If they do a tour, it won't be a long drawn out one.  It could be more along the lines of a limited number of venues, but multiple dates at each one.  Who knows? There are those who think whatever they do, will end up with the final performance at The Glastonbury Music Festival  in Scotland next summer.

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